Nowadays, more and more people realize health management is becoming an essential part of our life. With the development of medical research and life science, more people have been started paying attention to health issues. Needs for monitoring personal daily health status are increasing. People have willingness to know more detailed contents and specific health information in more effective and efficient ways. As the result, both costs and time needed to continuously monitoring health levels in our daily life are expected to drop. We believe technology in healthcare would help to solve these issues related to improve effectiveness and efficiency in health management.

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New contrast agent for MRI to detect Alzheimer's disease

Research team from HKBU has invented a novel contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging...

HKUMed introduces the latest robotic arm for joint replacement surgery

HKUMed introduces the latest robotic arm for joint replacement surgery...

New droplet-based electricity generator

A research team led by scientists from the City University of Hong Kong has recently developed a droplet-based electricity generator...