High Technology Manufacturing

Maison Carlton Corporation Limited believes high technology development is vital in the future development over the world. The development of science and technology is closely related to human beings, whether it is from medical, manufacturing and electronics, or from life, shopping, leisure and entertainment. We value the importance of high-technology creativity.


Our company highly values the fundamental science research development. We believe fundamental science research is the core part of future technology development. And we know that the way to conduct science research is quite different with the way to make other usual business development. More than that, we understand there are still certain distances from science experiments to products commercialization. Our company has a special business model to guide the way to transform a fundamental science research achievements to become commercialized products.


Our company has made the investments into the project named, Maisonburg, which is now the subsidiary of Maison Carlton Corporation Limited. Maisonburg is located in Shenzhen China. It mainly operates technology research and development, manufacturing, sales on high technology products and related technological research services. Maisonburg has its own advanced science research expertise team, which focuses on fundamental science research major in ECG signal detection technologies. And Maisonburg has owned multiple science research achievements and intellectual property through years of research.


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